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10 Android Apps for Your Trip to Orlando – Part 2

We continue our list with another 5 apps you would definitely want on your Android device, before heading to Orlando. In our last post, we write about 5 apps that will keep you informed and help you make the most of your time in Orlando. This time we focus on traveling to Orlando and exploring the area. There are different ways to get from point A to point B and the apps below will help you take the best decision, no matter how you travel. For desert we have and app containing some great ideas and offers for your own personal adventure in Orlando.

Orlando Bus Transportation

Traveling by bus is one way to reach different points of Orlando. This app helps you do just that. It gives you access to the complete bus schedule. You can check out the timetable and trace the route each service takes. Bus transportation is a great cheap way to get from point A to point B. With this application, you’ll avoid all the hassle involved in using public transportation in a new city.

Taxi Magic

No matter how well we plan ahead, and try to save as much as we can from transportation, we inevitably resort to taxis. This application helps you find a taxi when you need it the most. Taxi Magic is an application which will help you not only in Orlando, but in many other cities in the US. It a one of those applications which you need on your phone at all times. Not only you can book a taxi online, but also can charge it on your credit card.

GoInside Airports MCO

If you are a first timer in Orlando it is highly likely this is also your first time arriving at MCO. Making your way around an airport can be challenging when time is of essence. Knowing the location of basic facilities, and where you need to go will make your day a bit brighter. There is no way you are getting lost with this app.


This one is a life saver. With gas prices going through the roof, this will help you save money. It is a popular app, and we include it here to remind those of you driving to Orlando to be on the lookout for better prices. Using your own car has certain advantages, but it is getting harder and harder to fuel the beast. This app will save you some time and hopefully money, the next time you are about to top up the tank. The content in the app is entirely user generated and the app counts on people just like you to provide accurate prices to its users. For each price you report you earn point. Each week, one lucky guy wins a $250 gas gift card.

Living Social

We left generic travel applications for the end of the list. This one you can really go without, but you don’t have to. In fact, you might already be using it. If you are in Orlando and have some time on your hands, you can check out what good offers are available. You just need to select Orlando East or Orlando West and browse the current offers. Here is one time saving tip – just go ahead, choose Orlando East and browse today’s deals. You will be able to see all offers, not only those intended for Orlando East.

We hope you are already using some of these apps. If not, download them right away – they are free. If you have an app you found particularly useful in Orlando, and would like to share it, use the comment section below.
There is an app for almost everything these days. Well, almost everything. It you are looking for the best way to get from MCO to Port Canaveral, or any other point in Orlando, look no further. We will offer you 10% on all round trips from MCO and get you where you need to go in a timely fashion.

10 Android Apps for Your Trip to Orlando – Part 1

There are a lot of sites giving you advice on how to prepare for your trip. People are often overwhelmed with the variety of advice, guides, reviews, etc. Traveling to Orlando and the area is no different deal. In less than 10 minutes online, you will, undoubtedly, be overwhelmed with different ideas about the ultimate packing list, 235 things to do in Orlando, a variety of “top 10” Disney World lists, or Orlando daily trips suggestions. What we decided to add is a list of 10 Android apps which you would find useful the next time you visit Orlando. This is by no means a “Top 10 list”. Selecting top 10 apps out of so many would be an exercise in futility.

Orlando Sentinel

“Orlando Sentinel” is your best way to always be up to date with the latest breaking news, sports, weather, business and entertainment updates in Orlando. Apart from the news section, you get weather updates. Most Android enabled devices have weather applications built-in, however this function is particularly useful as it may provide better local info. You can also save you favorite news stories, photos and feeds. The application will allow you to browse the content offline and update immediately when network connectivity is available.

TripAdvisor Orlando Guide

TripAdvisor offer this free Orlando guide to newcomers. You get all Orlando related content from on your phone. The best part is you can use it offline. This is why the app is 11+ megabytes. The app is always up to date, as it uses each good occasion to sync with the most up to date content available. Everything you need to know about restaurants, hotels and attractions is here. What makes TripAdvisor guides really valuable is the user generated reviews. There are, literally, millions of them. You’ll get most of your questions answered; even those which you didn’t knew you have. There is a built-in interactive map of Orlando and the area. Quite valuable when you don’t know what is there to do.

Universal Orlando Wait Times

Visiting the local attractions requires good planning and patience. It is remarkable how much time you could save if you are well informed. The more time you have, the more you can explore. Waiting times for different attractions are a common thing in Universal Studios. This little app will give you a rough idea of how long you would have to wait before being able to actually see what you paid for. Average times are calculated based on user input and can vary. In general, the figures tend to be accurate and it is better to have a rough estimate than no estimate at all.


This application is not particularly oriented towards people traveling to Orlando, but it is one of the featured apps you just have to learn to use. The app will grab all your booking and itinerary data and store it for you. It would be only a few taps away, when you need it the most. Now all your traveling data is in one place. You no longer need to resort to rudimentary (your phone’s camera) methods of storing hotel reservations and flight data. The app is so great it will do everything for you. You simply need to grant it access to the email address you use for your bookings and voila!

This concludes with the first part of our list. Here, we have reviewed the first 5 of our 10 apps to use in Orlando. In Part 2 we have a few apps to help you get around Orlando.

Electrical Vehicles in Orlando

Owning an electric-vehicle in Orlando makes more sense than one would think. For the last decade, Orlando has been on the forefront of alternative fuel development, including the integration of the electric car. In the course of 2 years, Orlando has become what some might call “electric-vehicle ready”. Against the odds, new EV charge stations are popping up all around Central Florida, most notably in Tampa and Orlando.

The ChargePoint America Grant Program selected 9 cities, with Orlando being the last one on the list. “The City Beautiful” soon became the top city in deployments. As a consequence of the progress, Florida surpassed California, renowned for its sustainability efforts. The program far exceeded the expectations of the DOE ,extending the effort from Central Orlando to Tampa Bay Area, Daytona Beach, Sarasota and Bradenton. The Orlando Utilities Commission is directly involved in the project, subsidizing the installation of Level 2 chargers (220v). These chargers allow fast charging in public locations. You can easily top up the battery with a couple of miles, while having your coffee or lunch. There are nearly 300 charge stations available in Central Florida, and more charge stations are soon to be installed. A detailed map of all publicly available charge stations is available on

The biggest problem with electric vehicles is their range (40-100 miles) and slow charging times (~8 hours for a full charge). Areas, lacking the appropriate infrastructure, are likely never to become a hot spot for EV enthusiasts. There are still very few electric vehicles on the road, compared to gas burning automobiles. There are lots of people interested in electrical vehicles right up to the point of purchase, however delivery is still pretty slow. “Build it, they will come” (misquoting “Field of Dreams”) is what comes to my mind, looking at the situation in Florida. It seems that is what the authorities hoped for is slowly taking place. Let’s look at the figures:

  • 8 or more Volt customers have been delivered with their cars.
  • A few dozen LEAF owners also are currently using their vehicles
  • Also the existence of a few converted vehicles has been confirmed

It doesn’t look as much, and it is quite possible that even if the actual number of EVs is higher, there are still more charging stations than electric vehicles. On the upside, 300 Nissan Leaf vehicles are expected to be delivered by the end of the year. In addition, this year the Rav4 EV Second Edition is rolling out of the production lines. A lot of people are not too confident with current EV offerings, due to their size and safety, leaving mileage and charging times off the table. The new Rav4 might alleviate some of those worries.
There is no way to predict the penetration of electrical cars; however we can look at extrapolated data, based on hybrid vehicle figures. EVs have the potential of reaching 5% of the total road legal vehicles on US streets by 2012. There are benefits to owning an electrical vehicle. You would get $7,500 tax credit for electrical vehicles purchased in and after 2010. Also you would get carpool lane access.

On a single charge, an EV would be suitable for a short trip in Greater Orlando. If you plan a trip and can spare some time, while on the road, you can easily explore Greater Orlando, Tampra, or Deytona. Every 70 miles you would need to stop and charge the vehicle, but the infrastructure is there and it is not a problem. It would definitely cost you just a fraction of what you would pay for gas. You would end up paying about ¼ of what you usually spend for gas.
For extended trips, you would need to consider other viable transportation options. What EVs lack the most is space, and quite often – range. Speaking of space, you should definitely visit Cape Canaveral. A round trip would cost you only $235 for a party of 10!

MCO to Greater Orlando Transportation Costs – Taxi vs. Private Van

Roughly 50,000 people arrive at MCO each day. Each of those 50,000 arrivals requires further means of transportation to reach their destination. Viable options include shuttle, taxi, rent a car, limo and private vans. Each option has its advantages and perks, and also their drawbacks.

Limos are generally too expensive and are by far not the most popular way to get from point A to point B. While they offer certain level of comfort and luxury, they are not an option for tourists on budget.

Rent a car has all the flexibility you would need if you are in town for a couple of days. It is not a bad option for families and business travelers. You are never tied down to one location and it’s certainly the only reasonable means of transportation for people who know the area and need to travel around a lot.

Shuttles are pretty cheap, or even free. Local hotels offer shuttle service, which is cheaper than taxis and private vans for groups of less than 4. Disney also offers free transportation. That is if you book a room in one of their hotels. One disadvantage of shuttles is that they can be cramped and you need to comply with their schedule. Other than that it is a good option.

Private Van vs. Taxi

The fight for the ultimate way to get around Greater Orlando is always fought between private vans and taxis. There are certain advantages in taking a cab. For instance, Taxis are more flexible than vans, but then again are pretty limited in space. Vans can go longer distances and carry more passengers, but are usually available on demand. One advantages private vans hold over taxis is the flat rate for common destinations and the preset price for custom routes. To make our case, here is a comparison of what you would pay for your trip from MCO to most popular destinations in the greater Orlando area. The price for taxis is an estimate, due to the many factors which can change it in one direction or other. Also no toll chargers are included. With van transportation there are no hidden charges and the tip is included in the final price.

Company of up to 3 passengers with up to 10 large bags
Route Distance Taxi Van 1 Way Van Round Trip
MCO to International Drive 13.3 miles $40-$52* $64.8 $60 each way
MCO to Seaworld 12.8 miles $38-$48* $64.8 $60 each way
MCO to Disney Downtown 18.5 miles $53-$62* $69.6 $64.8 each way
MCO to Port Canaveral 46.3 miles $126-$129* $139.2 $128.4 each way
MCO to Kennedy Space Center 51.6 miles $140-$144* $139.2 $128.4 each way

*Additional charges such as toll taxes may apply.

In this scenario it actually makes no difference whether you would prefer a taxi or a private van. One advantage of private vans should not be overlooked – the number of bags a party can take with them. If a group of 3 is using taxi service, the one way price for MCO to Port Canaveral transportation would be $42-$43 (plus additional taxes). The van would cost $46.4 each. This would be the total price each passenger pays for a single trip. Those who book a round trip would end up paying $42.8 each way and don’t worry about any additional hidden costs.

Company of up to 10 passengers with up to 10 large bags
Route Distance Taxi Van 1 Way Van Round Trip
MCO to International Drive 13.3 miles $72 $66 each way
MCO to Seaworld 12.8 miles $72 $66 each way
MCO to Disney Downtown 18.5 miles $78 $72 each way
MCO to Port Canaveral 46.3 miles $153.6 $141 each way
MCO to Kennedy Space Center 51.6 miles $153.6 $141 each way

Taking a cab might be a better option if you are traveling alone or in a company of less than 4. A private van would always be the better option for more than 4 passengers. The prices above can be split between 4 to 10 people, depending on the size of your group. For example, if you travel in a group of 10 and book a round trip from MCO to Port Canaveral, each would pay only $14.1 each way.

All prices on private van transportation here are final and include the gratitude to the driver, which is 20% of the total price. When you book our services and board the van, you’ll only be required to enjoy the ride. If you are visiting soon, drop us a line or call got a custom quote on 407-690-3330.

Current Taxi Fare Compared to Private Van Transportation

Recently the Orlando City Council voted to increase the taxi rates. The first mile will now set you back $2.40, instead of $2.20. Each next quarter mile will cost you 60 cents instead of $0.55. This is the first increase in taxi fare from 2007. The prices are directly tied to the rate of inflation.

The 9% increase will affect more than the 584 Orlando registered taxi cabs. Since half of those are owned by Mears, they will increase the price to the area in order to avoid confusion. An average 10 mile tip now costs about 26 dollars.

The price difference is mostly noticeable if you decide to travel outside of the city and visit the nearby points of interest. For example, transportation from MCO to Port Canaveral will now cost you between $125 and $130. It’s a ~46 mile trip, or just less than 50 minutes. If you decide to do a round trip, you would end up paying nearly $260 (tip included). It is a viable option if you are traveling in a pack of 3-4, since then it won’t cost you more than ~$86-65 per person both ways. This option is somewhat okay if you are traveling only with a few bags and nothing too heavy. Those prices are very close to what you would actually pay, but depending on the traffic you might end up paying a bit extra.

Small to mid-sized groups would be better off with alternative means of transportation. This is where LuxTransO can offer a better solution and help you save money. In essence, taxi and van transportation cost the same amount of money, but there are some advantages to vans which taxis lack. For a group of 3 and more it would actually be better to hire a private van. There are several good reasons to do so.

  • First of all you don’t get charged by the mile and pay a flat rate. If the same group of 3-4 people is to travel from MCO to Port Canaveral and back it would cost them $256.8 (tip included), or $85.6-64.2 per person. The price is hardly different at this point, but it is the actual amount people end up paying.
  • Furthermore, larger groups can’t fit into a single cab and usually need more storage. This is when private vans are really good. Groups of up to 10 can also carry 10 large suitcases and space won’t be a problem.
  • A group of 10 would pay no more than $27.5 per passenger, for that same round trip.
  • LuxtransO also offer a free 20 minutes grocery stop with all round trips. A taxi could charge you up to $10 for this alone.

The increase of gas prices has been hard on all kind of transportation. Other viable methods to explore the area are also forced to increase prices. Private vans are the comprehensive solution each group needs. They carry more than taxis, are cheaper than limos and are definitely more comfortable than shuttles. For a custom quote on your trip you can give us a call at 407-690-3330, or submit a quote. We would be happy to become a part of your trip!

Disney World Special Savings for Florida Residents

Theme Park Savings

Florida residents can avail of two great special offers through May 21st. You can purchase a 3 day “Wild for 3 Pass” for just $99 (plus tax), or the 4 day “Wild for 4 Pass” for $129. The offer is available exclusively to Florida residents. Tickets expire on May 24th so why not purchase them now?
With the “Wild for 3” and “Wild for 4” passes you can visit one Disney World Theme Park per day. If you decide to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom Park, you can’t switch to a different theme park, for example Epcot, at least not without the Park Hopper option. Going for the Park Hopper option will cost you $27.5 extra on each pass. If you are a first timer, you probably don’t need that option. There is plenty to do and see in each park for a day.
For those of you who want to make the most of their time, and also visit the Water Parks, below is a breakdown of the available options.

Wild for 3 Pass Options:

· Wild for 3 Pass – $99.00
· Wild for 3 Pass with Park Hopper – $126.50
· Wild for 3 Pass with Water Park Fun and More – $126.50
· Wild for 3 Pass with Park Hopping and Water Park Fun and More – $154.00

Wild for 4 Pass Options:

· Wild for 4 Pass – $129.00
· Wild for 4 Pass with Park Hopper – $156.50
· Wild for 4 Pass with Water Park Fun and More – $156.50
· Wild for 4 Pass with Park Hopping and Water Park Fun and More – $184.00

There are no restricted periods through May 24th, so you can use your pass any day you like. However, be sure to check the opening hours in advance. Ideally, you could spare four days to visit one park each day. Alternatively, you could do some planning and go for the “Wild for 3 Pass”. With the Park Hopper option, you should be able to make the most out of your stay.

Florida Residency Validation

These offers are currently available to Florida residents only. Proof of a Florida residential address is required for each ticket. Any of the following verification will suffice:

· Valid Florida driver’s license
· Valid Florida state-issued ID card
· Valid Florida-based military ID

If you don’t have any of the IDs above, there are other ways you can prove residency status and purchase the tickets.

Accommodation Savings

There are also some great hotel offers. Couples can book a hotel room for as low as $86 (plus tax) per night in the next month or so. Quoted price is currently available for the period 16/04-24/05/2012. To find out whether the offer is still available you can check online or call (407) 939-1872.

Transportation to and from Disney World

A group transportation service is a great way for you and your family to skip the driving and parking hassle in Orlando area. Its a private and a practical solution to your transportation needs. Florida residence flying to Orlando can take advantage of the MCO transportation service – costs $65 one way and $120 for a round trip (rates per 10 passenger vehicle). The door-to-door transportation service is offered to all Floridians which are planning to visit the Disney Theme Parks. In order to get your exact transportation rate you have to submit a quote with your address or the address you need to be picked up from. The transportation service is most efficient for groups of 3 and more passengers.
One of the perks you get with a round trip reservation is a 20 minutes grocery stop.
All rates for private van transportation in Orlando are available for download.

There is less than a month left to take advantage of current Disney World offers. Accommodation is limited. Plan ahead and book early!

Top 10 Underrated Disney Attractions

While we were going through some older podcast, we came across a great one from about the top 10 underrated Disney attractions. Here is the ranking according to their study:

10. Camp Minnie-Mickey

The waiting time for this attraction is relatively short, considering the fact that the lines are never long. It is referred as one of the best places to meet Mikey and his friends. Some Disney World guide books even go as far as advising people to “run away” from the attraction. The show hosts tend to disagree with the later, insisting on what a good place Camp Minnie-Mickley truly is. While watching the video above, note the figures of Mikey, Pluto and Goofie fishing. How can anyone hate that? It really looks like a great place to have a walk and get to know the characters in an evergreen forest area with a rushing river.
Usually you have to wait 10-15 minutes to get in. If you get a bit hungry, cookies and ice cream sandwiches can be found at Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Cookie Cabin.

9. It’s a Small World
“It’s a Small World” is a happy little attraction and kids love it! Most of all, it’s a classic. It was built for the 1964 World’s Fair, designed by true Disney legends Sherman Brothers, Mary Blair and Mark Davis.
Everyone has heard the catchy tune of the theme song. It sticks in your head for days. All visitors, kids and adults, leave the attraction smiling.

8. Innoventions

“Innoventions” is one of Epcot’s great attractions. There is a little bit of fun for everybody. It’s one of those exhibits you must interact with. That’s what makes it so fun. Visitors can play against each other at the Videogame Playground. Some say it is too commercial, but so is reality. Both buildings are widely known as “the place where people go when it rains“, however there is really more to it than this.

7. Carousel of Progress

“Carousel of Progress” is often referred to as out of date. So are most classics, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive. Nostalgia is with you through all six scenes. The attraction is now over 48 years old. It was first revealed in New York at the 1964 World’s Fair as a part of the General Electric’s exposition. If you’ve seen it once, then you might not find it as interesting the second time around, but it is definitely a “must see” for newcomers. It is also referred as one of the longest running stage shows in America.

6. Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is simply not as popular as it once was. Despite the full scale replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, people just seem to pass it by more often. In 2001 the facade was almost completely blocked from view by a giant replica of The Sorcerer’s Hat. The nature of the attraction suggests that it is nowadays more interesting for adults than children. It is a certain stop for the fans of the old movies and the excited fathers, who are trying to pass on their enthusiasm to their young ones. Still, with 50 audio-animatronics of timeless movie classics, this is definitely an addition to Disney’s gold fund.

5. Mission: Space

There was a lot of hate towards “Mission: Space”. The motion simulator thrill ride replaced Horizons, thus the hate. This amazing thrilled ride was partially developed with the assistance of NASA engineers. Everything there, pictures and materials are real history, making it quite an authentic experience.
Long waiting lines here are a rare sight. In May, 2006, Disney began offering a less intense version of the ride a.k.a. the Green Team. The original version is still available under the codename Orange Team.

4. Mark Twain Riverboat

Oddly, the riverboat has been called boring on more than one occasion. Probably, a lot of people misinterpret the idea of the attraction. The ride is roughly 17 minutes long but it actually feels longer. It is the perfect opportunity for visitors to relax before heading to other sights.
On most days, the Mark Twain begins operation as soon the park opens so it is mostly available.

3. Living with the Land

Most people pass it because they think it is only educational. When exactly did “educational” became a bad thing? The dark part of the ride is simply awesome. The ride shows how Disney is using the new technologies, and educating about hydroponics, intercropping and new ways of growing plants.
Yes, the Mikey pumpkins are there too!

2. Country Bear Jamboree

“Underrated” is mostly defined by the lack of long waiting lines (or any lines for that matter) before the attraction. The attraction was originally built for a sky resort. It was the first attraction at Disney World brought from Disney Land. The show is somewhat long (~17 minutes). There are 18 audio-animatronic bears to entertain you. What more could you ask for? The show is basically a continuous string of short country songs. Seasoned Disney fans have a special place in their harts for attractions such as this one. It was one of the last attractions Walt Disney helped develop.

1. Tom Sawyer Island
“Tom Sawyer Island” is a playground for young and old. Not many people visit the island so it gives you a great authentic feeling and plenty of space to explore. You might even stumble into Jack Sparrow. You can go into the caves, or sit on one of the rocking chairs and watch the boats go by. The island is what you might call an ultimate Disney attraction. Only keep in mind – closes at dusk!

We completely agree with Andy and KP (the authors of the podcast). Anyone who is going to spend a couple of days browsing Disney World Theme Parks should spare a few hours to see the attractions above. It’s not like there is a bad attraction, but those you can pass by and then regret. If you need any help with getting there, or like to browse the area, just give a shout. We can help you get from MCO to Disney World, or any place near for that matter.

Orlando International Fringe Festival – May 16 to May 28, 2012

We are less than a month away from the 2012 edition of the Orlando Fringe Festival. For 21 years, artists gather in Orlando for the 13 days festival, to present their work in an uncensored and unjuried environment. Fringe festivals have a long running history, originating from Edinburgh, Scotland. Found in 1947, the concept for a Fringe Festival soon spread throughout Europe, reaching the United States in 1992.

Until 2004 the festival took place in downtown Orlando. In that year the festival was split between its regular venue and Loch Haven Park. The latter proved a success and so, from 2005 onwards, the festival has been held exclusively in Loch Haven Park.

The Orlando Fringe Festival is the longest running out of 15 US Fringe Festivals. It is also a proud member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals. The festival is not only a great place for aspiring artists to make their debut, but also a great chance for local business to gain popularity by sponsoring the event. Fringe festivals take pride in the fact that 100% of box office sales go directly to the artists themselves.

Orlando Fringe 2012

Fringe events are eclectic in nature. Some shows will absolutely blow your mind and others will just blow. You are never safe with 100% uncensored and experimental art/theater, but that is what Fringe Festivals are mostly about. With over 70 acts, there is a little something for everyone. Those of you, with a taste for the bizarre, won’t be disappointed.

Fringe is also a family event. Kids Fringe is a part of the festival, dedicated to kids and their parents. It offers performances by Fringe artists, classes, art activities, and meet with a real life Fringezilla! It is all fun and free.

Another aspect of the festival is Visual Fringe. It has been an integral part of Orlando Fringe since the first edition of the festival in 1992. It consists of uncensored visual art in its many forms. All of the profits generated from sales go to the artists themselves. Last year, 25% of all exhibited artworks were sold during the event. Fringe Visual is truly an unrivaled platform for local artists and artisans.

Getting to the event

The event organizers anticipate some 25,000 attendees. There are about 500 free parking spaces within the Loch Haven Park facilities. Parking is usually a problem. There are also other parking options in the vicinity. There is limited street parking on Mills Avenue and paid garages, located at the Orlando Science Center and Florida Hospital. The event organizers and independent bloggers alike, advise visitors to leave plenty of time to spare for parking and ticket purchase. Quoting – “Parking is a big fat nasty hassle. Arrive early.”

This year, ticket prices range between Free and $11. There is also $1 service charge, which goes to the ticket company. Tickets can be bought online, at, or directly from the Fringe Festival Box Office. You can find it inside the Lowndes Shakespeare Center and at the Orlando REP.

If you are visiting Orlando for the festival, please check our transportation rates from Orlando Airport. We will also be happy to provide you with quality transportation from your hotel to the event and back.

Additional Reading


Disney Fantasy at Port Canaveral

On March 6-th 2012, Port Canaveral welcomed the brand new Disney Fantasy cruise ship. We were exited and decided to find out more about the innovations that the ship will offer to its passengers.
Disney Fantasy
Disney Fantasy capacity is around 4,000 passengers, which is almost double the size of the older Disney ships – Magic and Wonder. The exterior design didn’t change much, keeping the original style of the Disney‘s cruise ships we love. Disney Fantasy has fascinating interior design with a distinguish Art Nouveau decor. Closer look reveals many innovative features and spaces. Kids clubs are redesigned and innovated. The new ship is wired with new technology everywhere! All Disney ships are designed with families in mind, but Disney Fantasy goes further to amaze and please their guests from little kids to teenagers and adults. The AquaDuck water coaster will take you on a breath taking ride around the ship. The amazing Virtual Portholes inside the cabins give every passenger an ocean view with a little animations.
AQUA DUCK WATER COASTER ON THE DISNEY DREAMvirtual_porthole_peach_81080_origRoyal Court on the Disney Fantasy
Part of the entertainment on the ship are 3D movies, numerous venues for kids, teens and adults. There are four new original productions. One of them – “Wishes” is made especially for the teenagers. There are three pools on deck – one only for kids, one only for adults and one for families.
The adults only area is called Europa and it is themed around European travel. You can choose the Italian-themed La Piazza lounge, or maybe French Champagne bar Ooh La La or O’Gill’s Irish Pub…
No mater what you are looking for, from youth clubs with unique interactive programs, fine dining areas, night clubs and lounges or relaxing time near the pool it is all on board and it is brand new, tech’ed-up and sprinkled with Disney splendor.

Disney Fantasy will officially start 7-day cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Port Canaveral on March 31-st. If you need a transportation to Port Canaveral, we will be happy to take care for you. Please see our Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral page.

How to get to Orlando shopping destinations

Shopping in Orlando

Shopping is as therapy for the women and pleasure for the men aswell, because they are satisfying their half’s material needs. “Certainly, we’re all aware of how shopping means different things to different people at different times”, writes author Paco Underhill in his book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping. To lift the shopping our spirit, we have to use Orlando transportation to the place where the material dreams come true. “A classic example is the purchase of bath salts and perfumed oils, the ingredients of a personally pampering and perhaps luxurious spa experience. It takes some thought. It’s affordable and there is an investment of time”, explains Judith Mueller, executive director of the internationally known resource, The Women’s Center in Vienna, Virginia. It’s a fact that women posses certain innate skills in shopping. While men are the hunters, women are the gatherers. Discrimination is built in, the ability to scan, analyze and make choices. Women tend to spend money to improve their environment, to add some quality to their life. It is part of self-care, direct self-care”, says Mary Symmes, a licensed social worker who specializes in women’s issues. Orlando provides new unlimited opportunities for that.


Orlando premium outletsone of the biggest in USA

It is one of the biggest shopping outlet chains in USA. You can visit its center in most of the USA states. In Orlando there are two centers one at International drive and other is at Vineland Avenue. People can buy fashionable and designer apparels and sportswear for entire family, leather purses and luggage, footwear, home furnishing, accessory, jewelry and gift shops, eateries of delicious meal are also available at this mall. Some of the popular brands it features are Betsey Johnson, Coach, J.Crew, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Michael Kors, and Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Victoria’s Secret. Its opening hours are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. Various form of transportation is available in town to the mall.

The Mall at Millenia – The Mall at Millenia, bringing high-end fashion retailing to Orlando, Florida – one of the nation’s most active housing markets and America’s busiest tourist destination.  Open everyday.

Prime One Outlets on International Drive – Located at the North End of International Drive, Prime 1 Outlets features over 100 of the hottest brands including HUGO BOSS Factory Store, Tourneau, Tumi, White House|Black Market, Converse, Espirit, and much more! Imagine finding everything you need or want in one unbelievable location. Open 7 days a week.

Festival Bay Mall at International Drive – Orlando’s most unique shopping destination features over 65 specialty stores, 12 dining destinations and 4 exciting entertainment venues, including Bass Pro Shop, Outdoor World, Cinema 20 Theaters, Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Sheplers Western wear and many more!  Open 7 days a week.

The Florida Mall – Featuring a wide variety of shopping – it is the largest mall in Central Florida. Retailers within Florida Mall include The Children’s Place, Gymboree, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Express, Forever 21, The Limited, the enormously popular Disney Store and a new H&M location.

Pointe Orlando – Exceptional shopping, dining and entertainment. Pointe Orlando retailers include shops such as Armani Exchange, Chico’s, Tommy Bahama’s, Tropical Clothiers and Victoria’s Secret. Wonderworks family entertainment center is adjacent to Pointe Orlando, and is easily recognizable by the upside down structure. Conveniently located on International Drive. Open 7 days a week.

Shopping as communal activity

Shopping in Orlando as communal experience – the unbelievable meaning of the purchases. Here is a curious statistics:

·    Time spent by a woman shopping with a female companion: 8 minutes, 15 seconds

·    By a woman shopping with children: 7 minutes, 19 seconds

·    By a woman shopping alone: 5 minutes, 2 seconds

·    By a woman shopping with a man: 4 minutes, 41 seconds

“When two women shop together, they talk, advise, suggest and consult to their heart’s content, hence the long time in the store,” Underhill concludes. It’s social activity that can result in bonding. Often there is a healthy cross-fertilization of ideas When shopping is wrapped around a meal, there’s time for disclosure. Women tend to boost each other’s egos in this environment, making the activity even more positive, and pleasurable. And in Orlando the guarantee for wonderful shopping between women, women and men, women and kids or men with kids is 100 percent covered. Orlando transportation is a part from the final destination – a compelling feeling for shopping.

Apart from these distinguished malls there are many local market in the city where shopping is fun. In downtown and international drive you will find such markets where you shop while taking a stroll. Make sure your Orlando vacation must include shopping in things to do.