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Top 10 Underrated Disney Attractions

While we were going through some older podcast, we came across a great one from about the top 10 underrated Disney attractions. Here is the ranking according to their study:

10. Camp Minnie-Mickey

The waiting time for this attraction is relatively short, considering the fact that the lines are never long. It is referred as one of the best places to meet Mikey and his friends. Some Disney World guide books even go as far as advising people to “run away” from the attraction. The show hosts tend to disagree with the later, insisting on what a good place Camp Minnie-Mickley truly is. While watching the video above, note the figures of Mikey, Pluto and Goofie fishing. How can anyone hate that? It really looks like a great place to have a walk and get to know the characters in an evergreen forest area with a rushing river.
Usually you have to wait 10-15 minutes to get in. If you get a bit hungry, cookies and ice cream sandwiches can be found at Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Cookie Cabin.

9. It’s a Small World
“It’s a Small World” is a happy little attraction and kids love it! Most of all, it’s a classic. It was built for the 1964 World’s Fair, designed by true Disney legends Sherman Brothers, Mary Blair and Mark Davis.
Everyone has heard the catchy tune of the theme song. It sticks in your head for days. All visitors, kids and adults, leave the attraction smiling.

8. Innoventions

“Innoventions” is one of Epcot’s great attractions. There is a little bit of fun for everybody. It’s one of those exhibits you must interact with. That’s what makes it so fun. Visitors can play against each other at the Videogame Playground. Some say it is too commercial, but so is reality. Both buildings are widely known as “the place where people go when it rains“, however there is really more to it than this.

7. Carousel of Progress

“Carousel of Progress” is often referred to as out of date. So are most classics, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive. Nostalgia is with you through all six scenes. The attraction is now over 48 years old. It was first revealed in New York at the 1964 World’s Fair as a part of the General Electric’s exposition. If you’ve seen it once, then you might not find it as interesting the second time around, but it is definitely a “must see” for newcomers. It is also referred as one of the longest running stage shows in America.

6. Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is simply not as popular as it once was. Despite the full scale replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, people just seem to pass it by more often. In 2001 the facade was almost completely blocked from view by a giant replica of The Sorcerer’s Hat. The nature of the attraction suggests that it is nowadays more interesting for adults than children. It is a certain stop for the fans of the old movies and the excited fathers, who are trying to pass on their enthusiasm to their young ones. Still, with 50 audio-animatronics of timeless movie classics, this is definitely an addition to Disney’s gold fund.

5. Mission: Space

There was a lot of hate towards “Mission: Space”. The motion simulator thrill ride replaced Horizons, thus the hate. This amazing thrilled ride was partially developed with the assistance of NASA engineers. Everything there, pictures and materials are real history, making it quite an authentic experience.
Long waiting lines here are a rare sight. In May, 2006, Disney began offering a less intense version of the ride a.k.a. the Green Team. The original version is still available under the codename Orange Team.

4. Mark Twain Riverboat

Oddly, the riverboat has been called boring on more than one occasion. Probably, a lot of people misinterpret the idea of the attraction. The ride is roughly 17 minutes long but it actually feels longer. It is the perfect opportunity for visitors to relax before heading to other sights.
On most days, the Mark Twain begins operation as soon the park opens so it is mostly available.

3. Living with the Land

Most people pass it because they think it is only educational. When exactly did “educational” became a bad thing? The dark part of the ride is simply awesome. The ride shows how Disney is using the new technologies, and educating about hydroponics, intercropping and new ways of growing plants.
Yes, the Mikey pumpkins are there too!

2. Country Bear Jamboree

“Underrated” is mostly defined by the lack of long waiting lines (or any lines for that matter) before the attraction. The attraction was originally built for a sky resort. It was the first attraction at Disney World brought from Disney Land. The show is somewhat long (~17 minutes). There are 18 audio-animatronic bears to entertain you. What more could you ask for? The show is basically a continuous string of short country songs. Seasoned Disney fans have a special place in their harts for attractions such as this one. It was one of the last attractions Walt Disney helped develop.

1. Tom Sawyer Island
“Tom Sawyer Island” is a playground for young and old. Not many people visit the island so it gives you a great authentic feeling and plenty of space to explore. You might even stumble into Jack Sparrow. You can go into the caves, or sit on one of the rocking chairs and watch the boats go by. The island is what you might call an ultimate Disney attraction. Only keep in mind – closes at dusk!

We completely agree with Andy and KP (the authors of the podcast). Anyone who is going to spend a couple of days browsing Disney World Theme Parks should spare a few hours to see the attractions above. It’s not like there is a bad attraction, but those you can pass by and then regret. If you need any help with getting there, or like to browse the area, just give a shout. We can help you get from MCO to Disney World, or any place near for that matter.

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