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Current Taxi Fare Compared to Private Van Transportation

Recently the Orlando City Council voted to increase the taxi rates. The first mile will now set you back $2.40, instead of $2.20. Each next quarter mile will cost you 60 cents instead of $0.55. This is the first increase in taxi fare from 2007. The prices are directly tied to the rate of inflation.

The 9% increase will affect more than the 584 Orlando registered taxi cabs. Since half of those are owned by Mears, they will increase the price to the area in order to avoid confusion. An average 10 mile tip now costs about 26 dollars.

The price difference is mostly noticeable if you decide to travel outside of the city and visit the nearby points of interest. For example, transportation from MCO to Port Canaveral will now cost you between $125 and $130. It’s a ~46 mile trip, or just less than 50 minutes. If you decide to do a round trip, you would end up paying nearly $260 (tip included). It is a viable option if you are traveling in a pack of 3-4, since then it won’t cost you more than ~$86-65 per person both ways. This option is somewhat okay if you are traveling only with a few bags and nothing too heavy. Those prices are very close to what you would actually pay, but depending on the traffic you might end up paying a bit extra.

Small to mid-sized groups would be better off with alternative means of transportation. This is where LuxTransO can offer a better solution and help you save money. In essence, taxi and van transportation cost the same amount of money, but there are some advantages to vans which taxis lack. For a group of 3 and more it would actually be better to hire a private van. There are several good reasons to do so.

  • First of all you don’t get charged by the mile and pay a flat rate. If the same group of 3-4 people is to travel from MCO to Port Canaveral and back it would cost them $256.8 (tip included), or $85.6-64.2 per person. The price is hardly different at this point, but it is the actual amount people end up paying.
  • Furthermore, larger groups can’t fit into a single cab and usually need more storage. This is when private vans are really good. Groups of up to 10 can also carry 10 large suitcases and space won’t be a problem.
  • A group of 10 would pay no more than $27.5 per passenger, for that same round trip.
  • LuxtransO also offer a free 20 minutes grocery stop with all round trips. A taxi could charge you up to $10 for this alone.

The increase of gas prices has been hard on all kind of transportation. Other viable methods to explore the area are also forced to increase prices. Private vans are the comprehensive solution each group needs. They carry more than taxis, are cheaper than limos and are definitely more comfortable than shuttles. For a custom quote on your trip you can give us a call at 407-690-3330, or submit a quote. We would be happy to become a part of your trip!

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