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10 Android Apps for Your Trip to Orlando – Part 1

There are a lot of sites giving you advice on how to prepare for your trip. People are often overwhelmed with the variety of advice, guides, reviews, etc. Traveling to Orlando and the area is no different deal. In less than 10 minutes online, you will, undoubtedly, be overwhelmed with different ideas about the ultimate packing list, 235 things to do in Orlando, a variety of “top 10” Disney World lists, or Orlando daily trips suggestions. What we decided to add is a list of 10 Android apps which you would find useful the next time you visit Orlando. This is by no means a “Top 10 list”. Selecting top 10 apps out of so many would be an exercise in futility.

Orlando Sentinel

“Orlando Sentinel” is your best way to always be up to date with the latest breaking news, sports, weather, business and entertainment updates in Orlando. Apart from the news section, you get weather updates. Most Android enabled devices have weather applications built-in, however this function is particularly useful as it may provide better local info. You can also save you favorite news stories, photos and feeds. The application will allow you to browse the content offline and update immediately when network connectivity is available.

TripAdvisor Orlando Guide

TripAdvisor offer this free Orlando guide to newcomers. You get all Orlando related content from on your phone. The best part is you can use it offline. This is why the app is 11+ megabytes. The app is always up to date, as it uses each good occasion to sync with the most up to date content available. Everything you need to know about restaurants, hotels and attractions is here. What makes TripAdvisor guides really valuable is the user generated reviews. There are, literally, millions of them. You’ll get most of your questions answered; even those which you didn’t knew you have. There is a built-in interactive map of Orlando and the area. Quite valuable when you don’t know what is there to do.

Universal Orlando Wait Times

Visiting the local attractions requires good planning and patience. It is remarkable how much time you could save if you are well informed. The more time you have, the more you can explore. Waiting times for different attractions are a common thing in Universal Studios. This little app will give you a rough idea of how long you would have to wait before being able to actually see what you paid for. Average times are calculated based on user input and can vary. In general, the figures tend to be accurate and it is better to have a rough estimate than no estimate at all.


This application is not particularly oriented towards people traveling to Orlando, but it is one of the featured apps you just have to learn to use. The app will grab all your booking and itinerary data and store it for you. It would be only a few taps away, when you need it the most. Now all your traveling data is in one place. You no longer need to resort to rudimentary (your phone’s camera) methods of storing hotel reservations and flight data. The app is so great it will do everything for you. You simply need to grant it access to the email address you use for your bookings and voila!

This concludes with the first part of our list. Here, we have reviewed the first 5 of our 10 apps to use in Orlando. In Part 2 we have a few apps to help you get around Orlando.

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